Targeting Your Marketing; Who are Your Customers?

No matter what your digital strategy involves, be that increased brand awareness, increased sales or even embarking on expanding business via exporting your wine overseas, segmentation and consumer behavior are key marketing concepts to apply in order to succeed.

Do you know who your customers are and what they do? It is important to understand that by segmenting your target market you can really focus your time and resources into an effective campaign. There are many ways to group your audience, demographics are a common way this is done in practice. Some examples of how to segment on a deeper level can include where the customers are in the different stages of the buying process or customer lifecycle. The stages listed below of a customers life cycle are good place to start;

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Attraction
  • Interaction
  • Purchase
  • Use
  • Cultivation
  • Advocacy

These phases are all important and depending on your marketing objective, different methods can be used in your social media to achieve this.

In the case of Wynns Coonawarra Estate, advocacy was a natural progression for the Australian winery and something they focused their digital campaign on achieving more of. After analysis of their customer’s online behavior, they found their wines were used for celebrating special occasions and they had a strong base of customers freely posting images of their most prized cellared wines.

Taking advantage of this information the business set to work creating a buzz around their wines. This included the history of the brand being celebrated, special occasions marked, tips on cellaring shared, ‘Wynnsapedia’ being created from all of the Instagram photos customers posted and the hosting of a live streamed virtual wine tasting event with none other than leading wine critic James Halliday, their senior winemaker Sue Hodder and Wynns viticulturist Allen Jenkins. 2.5 million people were reached via their digital footprint. this included more than 60,000 active engagements averaging over 180 per day. Check out the video below.

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Salute 🙂


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