Turning Tags and Shares into Bottles Sold

Social Media Marketing is about creating value, sharing, participation, community, entertainment, commerce, and publishing.

All of these aspects have their own marketing objectives. Increased brand awareness is often a key aspect. After all, who doesn’t want their customers to automatically think of them when they are choosing a bottle of wine, booking a dinner or function?

Creating value for your customers by providing education about your wines and winery and drawing upon your own unique knowledge base not only makes you stand out from the crowd but increases customer participation within your community.

This attracts prospects, builds engagement and turns opportunities into customers. A great example of a winery in Napa Valley, California doing this well is Whitehall Lane. They have been steadily growing their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter following with great results including an increase in direct sales yet no increase in cellar door walk-ins and an impressive 39% increase in wine club memberships over a one year period.

They focused on educating and telling stories as opposed to selling, pairing up with complementary brands and rewarding loyal fans.

Whitehall Lane IG education

In this Instagram series, a brief but informative run down was given on the winemaking process.


Whitehall Lane IG complement brand

Pairing up with complementary brand, Govino an innovative ‘go anywhere,’ shatterproof, reusable, recyclable drinkware, Whitehall Lane was still able to run popular giveaway competitions despite strict regulations in the USA preventing contests that give away wine as this is seen to be promoting irresponsible drinking, a big no-no for obvious reasons but a clever way to still get on board with this common tool.

Whitehall Lane FB rewarding customers with shares

Whitehill Lane rewards customers by posting, retweeting and sharing photos from fans. It’s all about the quality and conversation, it’s much easier to have a high-quality following when engaging like this.

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Cheers 🙂


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